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Welcome to DAM Accounting Services,  the home of Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for:

  • ·        Residential Property Investors
  • ·        Commercial Property Investors
  • ·        Small Businesses
  • ·        Franchises


·        Do you own an investment property?  Do you know the cashflow of each investment property and the total property portfolio?

·        Do you run a business or franchise?  Do you know how well your business is performing?

·        Do you need some help?


We know the importance of good bookkeeping and maintaining good records.  The methods of recording the purchase costs, income and expenses for residential investment properties, commercial investment properties and small business are all different and require the services of a specialised accountant to deal with them correctly.


We have developed our own easy to read reports for residential investment properties and use MYOB for commercial properties and small businesses.  We treat each property and business according to legal ownership, which is essential for tax reasons and to identify the cashflow of each property or business.  We explain each of these reports in detail.


What makes us different?

·          We own investment properties & small businesses

·          We provide clients with details of their cashflow

·          We service clients all over Australia

·          We are available after office hours


Phone:        0417 610 492


Property Accounting by Property Investors




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