Property Investors

7 Important Investment Property Bookkeeping Questions

  1. Do you know the total purchase cost for your investment property?
  2. Do you know if your investment property is making or costing you money?
  3. Do you know if you are claiming all the costs you can?
  4. Do you know if you are being overcharged for costs?
  5. Do you have a Depreciation Report completed?
  6. Did you know that you may get financial assistance with holding costs during the year?
  7. Do you just want to hand the documents to someone and let them deal with all the paperwork and figures?

Property Investor Services include:

  • Customised Residential Property Accounting Reports including:
    • Annual Financial Report – sets out on a monthly basis the income and expenses for the financial year for each property and ownership. Completed each financial year to assist in completing individual’s tax return.
    • PAYG Variation Report – calculates the property income and expenses for the next financial year to assist in completing the ATO’s PAYG Withholding Variation Application. Best completed May each year or after settlement.
    • Property Purchase Report – a summary of all the costs associated with the purchase of the investment property. Completed after settlement.
  • Financial Position Report – lists all assets, liabilities, income and expenses to assist in reviewing your overall financial situation. Completed closer to retirement.
  • Commercial Property Accounting Reports – Financial Reports and BAS Returns.

You benefit from:

  • Time to go through reports (after hours if required).
  • Servicing clients all over Australia

Don’t forget that as a professional property bookkeeper we are always here to help. This not only includes the bookkeeping for your investment property, but finance, landlord insurance and depreciation reports. We have some great reliable contacts to assist you where needed.

Wouldn’t it be good for a professional bookkeeper to enter the documentation and explain the figures so you understand them?