About Us

We rescue Small Business Owners & Property Investors and their Bookkeeping

At DAM Accounting Services we help hard-working Small Business Owners & Property Investors that don’t understand their accounts to know exactly where there money is going so they can get in control of their business and grow!

Debbie Austin-Eames has been at the helm of DAM Accounting Services for over 23 years. With Debbie’s accounting knowledge and experience, you’re getting more than just a bookkeeper. You’re getting a business numbers specialist! Debbie has an extensive property investment background as well as running her own successful business. Working with DAM Accounting Services, you are getting someone with the experience to be an asset to your business.

Debbie has over 35 years’ business accounting experience and has a Bachelor of Business Degree, accounting major, registered BAS Agent plus 20 years of residential property investment experience.

If you need help to get your accounts back under control so you know exactly where your business is and where it’s heading, call Debbie Austin-Eames on 0417 610 492.

Your Problems
– Is This You?

  • You have no idea when it comes to your business accounts
  • You are trying to do the books yourself but you are so far behind you don’t want to even look
  • Your accountant isn’t explaining things to you or talking ‘accountant speak’ and you don’t understand
  • Your current bookkeeper isn’t a registered BAS agent and so you may be missing out on deductions
  • You are not getting any monthly or quarterly reports or analysis from your current bookkeeper or they’re not explained to you.

And because you don’t understand your numbers you really don’t know whether your business is actually making money or not.

Let us help you

  • Know if you are actually making money
  • Be informed where your money is being spent
  • Peace of mind that your BAS and compliance is on time and correct
  • Know that someone doing your books is competent, trustworthy and you know they are picking up things you have been missing.

DAM Accounting Services will help you

  • Free up staff (or yourself) to work in other areas
  • Understand what your accountant may not be explaining to you
  • Help you understand and meet your compliance obligations and deal with the ATO on your behalf
  • Fix up bad bookkeeping
  • Provide you monthly or quarterly reporting so you really know and understand the financials of your business