About You

Who are DAM Accounting Services clients?  They include:

  • Small businesses – sole traders, partnerships and companies, with or without employees.
  • Property investors who want their accounts done and explained to them rather than giving the tax agent the shoebox of documents.
  • Small businesses whose accounts are in a mess and need sorting.
  • Small businesses who have no accounting software and need this set up.
  • People who want all their business accounts done by DAM Accounting Services and provide them with monthly reports.
  • People who want to do the business accounts themselves and want the accounts reviewed and BAS Return done and lodged.
  • People who can pick up the phone and talk to someone about their accounts in layman terms, not accountant speak that they can’t understand.
  • People who can contact DAM Accounting Services when they need other services and can be provided with reliable referrers.
  • People who can sleep at night knowing their accounts are in good order.
  • Businesses and property investors located in Australia.
  • Varied business clients including cafes; corporate gifts; consultants;  electricians; medical supply and practitioners; mortgage brokers; property investment organisations; retail and uber drivers.

We can be your bookkeeper too!

Contact Debbie at DAM Accounting Services on 0417 610 492 to become our new client.